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Mission: The Center for Formation exists to join others in our ongoing spiritual journey of discovering that which is deepest within us.

Rooted in the Christian tradition, the Center for Formation looks to tap into that which is deepest within us, that which has been implanted from the beginning. It is the very image of God, the divine spark, the light of God which is always calling us back home to our original goodness.

We were created from the dust of the earth. We are dust, yes, but we are divine dust – the very Spirit of God breathed into us and flows through us with every breath we take. That which is deepest within every human being is of God. Our deepest essence is of God. We are invited to rediscover this deep, mysterious and holy reality.

When we rediscover who we truly are as God’s image bearers, it will become clear to us what we should do. When we live from the original goodness we were created for we will discover our true self.

The Center for Formation exists to support individuals in their holistic formation and our ever deepening relationships of loving union with God, others, our inner self and the natural world. We believe the journey of formation always happens through these interconnected relationships. The goal of spiritual formation is loving union with God which flows out into a life of love in all other relationships.

Whether we find ourselves in a season where our spiritual journey is strong or in a season of wilderness or doubt or fatigue, we all long for deeper communion with God. At the Center for Formation we are interested in helping facilitate the spiritual journey of everyone into a place of discovering more fully that which is deepest within us – the love of God which compels us to love everyone and everything.

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