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Our director, Matt Krick, offers spiritual direction to those who seek it. Spiritual direction exists to assist in one’s relationship with God.

For information about spiritual direction with Matt, you can contact him directly here.

Spiritual direction focuses on one’s relationship with God. God is the ultimate director, the role of the human director is largely to listen to the direction of the Spirit while listening to the directee and offering thoughts, encouragement and reflection.

Spiritual direction is the art of listening to the soul journey of another, of coming alongside someone in their movement toward God and companioning them on that path. It is a place where you can be with someone experienced in reflecting and discerning what the Spirit is up to in you. The spiritual director simply creates space to be present, joining you in seeing the movement of God in your life.

Explore some practices here and examine your interior world. Every day is, indeed, a journey, and the journey itself is home.

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